Tour: Palermo of mysteries

Palermo of mysteries ….. from the Beati Paoli to many other stories.

A guided tour to discover the Palermo of mysteries. We will start from the most famous story of the Beati Paoli. We will discover together who were the members of the Beati Paoli sect and above all how much truth and legend is hidden in this story.
The tour offers a view of the places of the blessed Paoli al Capo and the mysterious church of the hundred masses: the church of San Matteo. Along the way we will find Count Cagliostro, a character linked to Freemasonry and esotericism, and Prince Mago, another mythical character from Palermo. The many stories of the poisons of Palermo with the many poisoners like the old Aceto Peppa La Sarda. And still stories of violent deaths, witches, wizards and ghosts.


Promotion price: On request.
Languages: ITA - ENG
Days: All on request
When: All the year
Customized for: Group excursion
Pick-up: Centro storico Palermo
Min pax: 2
Max pax: 50; in bike 8 pax;
Includes: Licensed tour guide
More info:

On request, tours can also be made by bike (min 2 ;max 8). The tour can also be done in the evening.