About us

Seecily Tourism Services S.r.l, a tourist services company, based in the historic center, among the Quattro

Canti and the Cathedral, at the historic Palazzo Gulì, via Vittorio Emanuele 351 , Palermo.

We offer you experiences because traveling is an experience that becomes unique if you are guided by the locals and because we know our region very well, let yourself be guided by those who are Sicilian.

All tourist services are designed and carried out by experts in the tourism and communication sector. During your trip to Sicily you will have the opportunity to live unique emotions and experiences because they are guided by local professionals who will show you the most authentic Sicily through the eyes of those who live in this land.

We collaborate with local tour operators, licensed tour guides, tour leaders, cooks, photographers, locals, etc. You will be followed by personal guides who, knowing the area and the people well, will lead you to a discovery of the places, thus giving you genuine experiences and emotions.

Seecily offers not only experiential tourism but also day trips and guided tours for groups or on request.

Choose Seecily Tourism Services:

  • To discover or rediscover corners of an ever surprising region, guided by professionals in the tourism sector;
  • To be in the “right place at the right time” in order to experience unique emotions, sensations;
  • To make you live the true “Sicilian Life-Style” through authentic experiences.