Segesta and Erice

“The archaeological site of Segesta with its theater and temple and the medieval city of Erice”

  • The Elima city: SegestaIn an archaeological area is located Segesta, the most important city founded by the Elimi, ancient people of Sicily Occidetale of uncertain origins.Located on Mount Barbaro (400 meters above sea level) , it is a very suggestive place for the Doric temple that has remained almost intac and it also for the ancient theater which excavated on the rock that enjoys a breathtaking view. The temple also called the “Great Temple”, was built during the last three decades of the fifth century BC, on top of a hill west of the city, outside its walls.The current state of preservation presents the entire colonnade of the peristyle.
    The theater was built on the highest peak of Mount Barbaro, in a site, behind the agora, which was already home to a place of worship for many centuries before. Exploits as a backdrop the beautiful view of the sea and hills as far as the eye can was built in the late third century. B.C. with blocks of local limestone, according to the greek-Hellenistic architecture dictates. It deviates from the typical structure of the Greek theaters because the auditorium with a diameter of 63 meters, do not place directly on the rock, but is supported by retaining walls.
  • Erice medieval stronghold Erice is a site of an unforgettable beauty, ancient Phoenician and Greek cities, is perched at 751 meters high on its namesake mountain, it is crowned by a triangular plateau on the sea.In ancient times, Erice was known for its temple where the Phoenicians worshiped Astarte, the Greek Aphrodite and the Romans Venus.Mount Eryx was used as a reference point for navigators of which Venus soon became the protector. Mother Church:Close to the port of Trapani is one of the city entrances. The church dates from the fourteenth century. and it was built with material from the Temple of Venus. The interior is in neo-Gothic style, it retains a Renaissance marble altarpiece.The castle:Here stood the temple dedicated to Venus Erice, goddess particularly venerated in ancient times. In Norman times the temple was by now in ruins and in its place was decided to build a fortress, surrounded by massive walls and protected by the Balio Towers, once connected to the castle by a drawbridge.
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