Bike tour Palermo of mysteries

Palermo, a city with a thousand-year history, hides many stories, mysteries and legends in every corner.

Starting from the history of the mysterious sect of Blessed Paoli, whose events took place in the alleys of the underground city. Blessed Paoli never existed! or they were just a legend! Who were they? A secret sect of hooded men who helped the helpless from even your noble gods. Whose story, which inspired Luigi Natoli’s bestselling novel, winds through the underground tunnels of the Cape Market. And still not far from the market here is the Massimo theater with another story that of the phantom of the theater, strictly fimmina! And then the story of the pirate viceroy, of the poisoner the old vinegar, of the streets with mysterious names such as alley of death or flying chairs. Via e vicolo degli Agonizzanti: it is located near Via Calderai. It took its name from the Brotherhood of Agonizers, who gathered in the Church located on the site and prayed for those who were close to death, especially those who had been condemned. Alley and courtyard of the Executioner: it was located in Via Sanfilippo. They were so named because in this place lived an Executioner of Palermo. And then how to forget the story of Count Cagliostro known all over the world as a lestofante, alchemist and esoterist who even charmed Giacomo Casanova. The story of the stolen Caravaggio, the homeless church and the Genius of Palermo symbol of the city. Snooping around Piazza Marina, here is the former alley heads cut off since from here you could see the hanging heads of dead executed by the Inquisition that was based at the Palazzo Chiaramonte called Steri. Here are the stories of the witches of Palermo, the poisoners Peppa la Sarda and the history of Tofana water. A city full of stories of legends at every corner of the historic center.


Price (starting from): 45 p.p.
Duration: 3 h
Languages: IT- ENG
Days: Eevery day on request
When: From May to October
Customized for: Group excursion
Pick-up: Palermo , via Vittorio Emanuele 351
Includes: licensed tour guide + bike