bike tour NO MAFIA : the places of memory

Seecily Tourism proposes the NO MAFIA TOUR, a tour inside the historic center, whose stops can offer an opportunity to reflect on the history of the mafia phenomenon and the fight against the mafia. During the tour you will be accompanied by an authorized tour guide of the Sicily region, who will explain the origins of the mafia phenomenon, the anti-mafia phenomenon and the social and anthropological implications.

Program: The starting point is the NO MAFIA MEMORIAL museum in Palermo, the highest example of the city that best explains the mafia phenomenon and the anti-mafia. The museum is located inside the historic Gulì palace, along the oldest street in the city, the Cassaro. The museum, managed by the CSD (Sicilian Documentation Center) Giuseppe Impastato of Palermo, through some photographic exhibitions deals with different themes: banditry, the history of Giuliano’s gang, the Portella della Ginestra massacre, up to the mafia war and the traffic of drug. Particular attention also to mafia crimes, state killings and the history of the anti-mafia. A fundamental part of the museum is dedicated to the figure of Peppino Impastato. Furthermore, since the Memorial is a dynamic container in continuous evolution, the museum itinerary is integrated with new temporary exhibitions. The tour continues inside the historic center to discover the origins of premafia phenomena and the history of one of the illegal mafia activities such as “lace”.

Follows the bike path with a visit to the places of memory, moving along a path where we will remember the men and women killed by the Mafia in the years of the very serious and bloody Mafia war. We will move out of the historic center to the places where they were killed for example: Dalla Chiesa, Costa, Mattarella, Grassi and many others.

2  pax : 50 € ; 3 pax : 45 € ; ; da 4 a 8  pax : 35 €

Price (starting from): 35 € p.p.
Duration: 3 h
Languages: ITA - ENG
Days: All on request
When: From May to October
Customized for: Group excursion
Pick-up: via Vittorio Emanuele 351 - Palermo
Min pax: 2
Max pax: 8
Includes: Tour guide + TICKET museum + NO MAFIA
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2  pax : 50 € ; 3 pax : 45 € ; ; da 4 a 8  pax : 35 €